Rootkit Detector
-Version two of what was just an SSDT hook detector, it is now on its way to becoming a fully fledged rootkit detector, that scans for more than one sort of hook and features hidden-process detecting cabapilities..

-Winsniff – TCP/UDP Sniffer that enumerates all packets on a selected network interface

MSSQL FileUpload Autohack
-This is a little program that uploads and executes a binary file on a vulnerable MSSQL server through a user-supplied SQL injection vulnerability

Windows Driver Kit (WDK) / Driver Development Kit (DDK)
-Needed to compile driver projects.

-Rootkit that hooks NtOpenProcess.
This rootkit has featured in the following Academic papers:

+ “A Multi Agent-Based Framework for Network Intelligence and Intrusion Prevention – by BSc Amani Salah Eldin Abdalaziz, Prof. Mohamed Shouman, Prof. Hossam M. Faheem and Prof. Ibrahim Elhenawy”.

+ “Virtual Machines Security in IaaS Platform – by Amani Ibrahim, James Hamlyn-Harris, John Grundy (Swinburne University of Technology)”

Orafuzz V1 Executable
-Oracle software fuzzer V1.

-Powerful debugger.

-Great free IDE.

DLL Injector
-Useful tool for injecting and executing DLL’s into other applications memory space.

3 Responses to “Downloads.”

  1. I wanna see your keylogger

  2. Written in what?

  3. Write it in Ruby. >.> ROFL

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