[ 3D Engine ] DirectX Project space shooter

A few weeks ago I began writing what will be a space-shooter game, perhaps. It will incorporate a rich 3d environment, an efficient particle system that handles everything from asteroid fields, through explosions to space-gas and clouds. I will continue to update it now and again in my free time. The game will be open-source once I’ve gotten a little further in it and fully developed the framework.

Written in straight C, utilizing the directx sdk.

Below is a screenshot displaying the use of point sprites. I intended on using these to both create asteroid-fields and clouds of coloured space-gas.

As for references, snippets and code examples – there were a few and theyre scattered through-out the project, all found through Google though. So thanks to the various authors.

July 6th 2013 Update:

I have included the code for this project, as well as an executable within the Debug folder of the project file.
Once again though, the code is as-is. A serious work in progress.

[ .RAR ] MS 2012 Project File

[ C Code ] WindowsMain.c (Entry Point)
[ C Code ] Game.h
[ C Code ] Directinputstuff.cpp
[ C Code ] DirectXMain.cpp
[ C Code ] Models.cpp
[ C Code ] PointSprites.cpp
[ C Code ] SpritesAndFonts.cpp
[ C Code ] StarBox.cpp
[ C Code ] StarBox.h
[ C Code ] StarField.cpp


~ by Rhys Mossom on October 18, 2012.

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